My work has recently appeared in the print editions of Fence, Black Warrior Review, Iowa Review, Bennington Review, Seneca Review, and in the forthcoming edition of Harp & Altar.

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Three poems in Sixth Finch: “Dictation from the Autocrat of the Interior,” “PSA from the Broadcast Service of the Interior,” and “Rebuttal from the General Counsel of the Interior”

“From the Minister of the Cabinet of Desire” in Two Peach

“The Ambassador of the Interior Has a Talking to with the Minister of the Cabinet of Vengeance” on the Poetry Foundation site & interview on PoetryNow

“Well Waiting Room” in Another Chicago Magazine

Two poems in Bomb Magazine

“From the Minister of the Cabinet of Admonition” in the Cincinnati Reviews MiCRo series

“Modified Continuous Wave: UNANSWD/UNHRD” at Harvard Review

“Outside the Gates of the Jewish Cemetery” on Tupelo Quarterly

“From the Press Secretary of the Interior” and “The Minister of the Cabinet of Self-Preservation” on Diagram

“You Call It a Cloud,” “The Cloud Was not Withholding/Was,” “Cloudproof,” & “Bulletins from the Cloud Cabinet” on Yew


“The Mouse in Me” on Catch & Release (Columbia: A Journal): A stop-motion animation I made of my poem, letterpress printed in salt.

“The Minister of the Cabinet of Talismans & Amulets” & “The Cabinet of Lesser Offenses” on Tarpaulin Sky

“When People Ask” & “Mid-South” on The Bitter Southerner

“From the Minister of the Cabinet of Ordinary Affairs” on OmniVerse

“Childproofing” on Augury Books

“Tender” on SpringGun

“Swath” on Verse Daily

“The Simulation is an Understatement” on Verse

“The Bones of Me” on Midway Journal

“Upwards” on Midway Journal

“Similtude” on Sugar House Review