The picture book deal I forgot to tell you about…

Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 4.35.39 PM.pngSo after, like, several lifetimes of writing, revising, and submitting picture book manuscripts (live like a cat, ya know?), Penny Candy Books has made my dream come true: they will be publishing The Cloud Lasso! I would have told you sooner, but I have the dumz. I got the acceptance at work one day when–blessedly–no one else was in the office, because I was immediately reduced to a human GIF of 😭. For real. When I called to tell my husband, he thought I’d been in an accident.

The book will be illustrated by the fabulous Melodie Stacey and will be released on October 10, 2019.

Promise to let you know when pre-orders are happening!