Interview on Yale Radio

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Brainard Carey for Yale Radio about Cleavemark, my collaborative visual art with Cheryl Wassenaar, and my new series of poems, which explore the bureaucracy of the mind. I read a couple poems from Cleavemark, as well as a couple of new ones–including “The Minister of the Cabinet of Decorum” (about Louise Bourgeois) and “We all wanted the same thing    but things ripped,” an ekphrastic poem about the news.

Schlaifer-Cleavemark Drive-Granta-S_Page_2

“Everything You Want to Know About Dishes,” pickling salt-encrusted La-Z-Boy w/ salt diorama. From “Cleavemark Drive,” a collaborative installation by Stephanie Ellis Schlaifer and Cheryl Wassenaar. 2014. Image courtesy of Jessica Baran.